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In early November, 2012, I posted the note below on a several LinkedIn groups related to gender issues.  I received a fantastic response in terms of anecdotes/experiences as well as references to programs, people and documents.  In order to give something back to all of those who contributed as well as the many others who were interested (and ‘liked’ the discussions), I’ve collected all of the references received so far, added links wherever I could and listed them below.  I will now post the link to this site on the groups.  Thank you, everyone, for your generosity and passion!  I offer a quote attributed to Margaret Meade (but never conclusively sourced):

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”


Request for Your Help: Engaging Men in Helping Advance Women

For an upcoming roundtable discussion on strategies for engaging men in supporting women’s programming in different cultures (Muslim, tribal, etc.), I’d like to request your thoughts, experience and comments on the topic, e.g.:

— Experiences, both successful and unsuccessful, in getting men involved in advancing women’s programming of whatever type (men may be community members, religious or civilian leaders, etc.) — what works and what doesn’t?
— Recommendations for people (men and women) who might be a valuable voice in the discussion at some point — who are they and why do you think that they would be particularly good for this topic?
— References to any media (writings, video, etc.) that includes examples of men engaged in women’s programming or otherwise provides an enlightening perspective.

Thank you so much for your interest and assistance!

—  Russell Mikel

Organizations and Activities:

—  http://www.durexnetwork.org/en-GB/socialmarketing/Pages/default.aspx

—  http://www.menengage.org/

—  http://www.lac.org.na/projects/alu/Pdf/they_have_that_heart.pdf

—  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUe9W7sbpFY

—  http://www.ifor.org/WPP/

—  The White Ribbon Campaign: http://www.whiteribbon.comhttp://ourfuturehasnoviolenceagainstwomen.blogspot.com/

—  Soul City: http://www.soulcity.org.za/

—  Brothers for Life Campaign: http://www.brothersforlife.org/

—  One Man Can: http://www.genderjustice.org.za/one-man-can/projects/one-man-can

—  ‘Raising Voices’ and ‘CEDOVIP’ in Uganda (http://raisingvoices.org/)

—  Promondo in Brasil: http://www.promundo.org.br/en/reports/

—  ‘We Can’ Campaign in Thailand”: http://www.wecanendvaw.org/

—  ‘Image’ in South Africa: http://www.wits.ac.za/academic/health/publichealth/radar/socialinterventions/10453/intervention_with_microfinance_for_aids_gender_equity.html

—  Kimmage Open & Distance Education: http://www.kodeonline.com

—  Plan Canada’s 2012 report “what about boys”: http://becauseiamagirl.ca/2011GirlReport

—  wanjalawafula.wordpress.com


—  MensWork: http://mensworkinc.com/

—  Men as Partners Program, which is part of Engender, in South Africa: http://www.engenderhealth.org/our-work/gender/men-as-partners.php

—  Wikigender: http://wikigender.org/index.php/Engaging_Men_and_Boys_to_Transform_Discriminatory_Social_Norms_Online_Discussion

—  http://www.microfinancegateway.org/p/site/m/template.rc/1.11.185620?utm_source=generalbulletin&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=General%2BBulletin%2B-%2BOctober%2B24

—  http://www.engagingmen.net/files/resources/2010/Caroline/Political_Connections_-_Men_Gender_and_Violence.pdf

—  Caribbean Male Action Network (CARIMAN): http://cariman.org/


Documents & References:

1 thought on “Engaging Men

  1. This is important stuff! I am a filmmaker, who became a spy trainer, then went into corporate America to coach $2 billion in competitive sales. What I learned about winning presence under pressure has more to do with capturing the yin side (the feminine) side, and that has propelled me into coaching professional women through the glass ceiling, and it has led me to target professional women’s groups to speak at. At the same time, the men who foster professional women are changing in the process, getting in touch with a more full-spectrum understanding of their existence and experiences.

    Keep me posted on future emails about this topic: I have 2 quick thoughts:

    1) There are lots of different types of men, and not nearly as diverse a set of leadership role models. So men hit a version of a “glass ceiling” too. If men can help women break through their glass ceiling, there will be more diverse leadership role models, mentors, paths of moving forward for EVERYONE! But this change will only be evident if we help women get there.

    2) In my work with SagePresence, I use skills from the film set to help professionals develop a solid head/heart connection when they communicate. I use a mix of feminine and masculine communication skillsets which helped me see that men and women are both a mix of masculine and feminine, which need to be separated from male and female! Supporting women moving forward will help PEOPLE get in touch with their full-spectrum potential.

    I’ll check out your site. dean@sagepresence.com / my business communication blog is here: http://www.sagepresence.com/blog and my book is here: http://www.winningpresencebook.com


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